There Are Some Changes Being Made

When The Villa Rose opened its doors, three years and fourteen days ago, I didn't think it would live that long. My previous blogging experience had been short-lived for the same reasons I thought would plague this one: a lack of regularity in posting and a natural shyness keeping me from marketing myself, meaning that I would be my sole reader. I was right to worry about the former - more on that later - but wrong about the latter, and I'd like to thank the few but faithful readers who kept reading and encouraging me over the years. 

Now to the point. As you may know, I own two other blogs - three actually, but the third was never officially launched, so it doesn't count. Mayhem Parva is supposed to be a French-language version of this blog, whereas The Small Back Room's aim is to collect my film criticism. Both are pretty somnolent, because of my recurring bouts of writer's block and the simple fact that managing three blogs, while a bed of roses in theory, proves to be quite difficult in practice. Since I've decided in the meantime to launch yet another blog devoted to my creative writing, I thought it might be a good idea to merge all those dealing with my "random thoughts" into a new, and I hope improved, Villa Rose. No, you won't have to update your bookmarks: this blog remains the same, at the same address. The only difference is that it will be bilingual, and, while remaining a mystery blog first, will occasionally deal with non-mystery matters such as film or the other kinds of books I read.

If you have any complaint, question or suggestion about these changes, feel free to voice it in the comments, or drop me a line - I love mail.

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Dorte H a dit…

Merging some blogs into one sounds like a great idea. In theory I blog in English and Danish on DJs Krimiblog, but in reality I usually let down my Danish readers (well, the few Scandinavian regulars I have comment in English anyway so ...)

What I am trying to say is that blogging should not be too complicated or too much of a burden. I haven´t commented often, but I do appreciate your blog - and its pretty name. I may even be curious enough to try to decipher some of the French.

Anonyme a dit…

Xavier - Like Dorte, I do not comment often on your blog, but it is a fine, fine blog, and I understand completely that you want to focus so that it remains a good one. I like the idea of merging your blogs, and I look forward to seeing what you create.

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