Now That's What I Don't Call Music

My reaction to contemporary pop music is easily summarized: I don't get it. God knows I've often been at odds with fashions and trends but I could at least understand the other side's arguments whereas the appeal of this, this, this or that for instance is unfathomable to me. I find these "songs" to be loud, heavy, repetitive and musically crude, and the only emotions they elicit from me are boredom and irritation. Now I realize that this stuff is primarily aimed at dancefloors as are two-thirds of pop music nowadays, but a tune can be both danced with the feet and listened with the ears. I can see how Single Ladies might eventually fit the first requirement, but the second one? Besides, is dance everything there is to music? By dint of focusing on danceability, technology and look (not necessarily in that order) that brand of pop ends letting go of the basics of not only songwriting but music as a whole. And no, I don't get it.

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Patrick a dit…

You know, Xavier, I whole-heartedly agree with you, and I'm part of the demographic which is most targeted with today's music.

Xavier a dit…

Hi Patrick,

Glad to see I'm not alone. How old are you, if I may ask? (I turn 36 next month, which probably makes me a dinosaur in the eyes of the music industry)

Patrick a dit…


I just turned 18 in mid-May.

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