A Quizz Just For You

Its title is "How Well Do You Know Mystery Classics?" and you can it take it here.

Feedback much encouraged.

5 commentaires:

Kerrie a dit…

Thnaks for that Xavier - I scored just 30%

Xavier a dit…

Kerrie --

Considering that most of this quizz relies on arcane knowledge, it's a fairly decent score.

Thanks for the advertisement on your blog!

Bernadette a dit…

Not very well (15%). In fact I only knew the answer to one question, the rest were random guesses but I wouldn't have expected much better as I don't read many of the classics. It would have been good to see the correct answers at the end though

Xavier a dit…


I don't know why the correct answers are not given at the end of the test; I entered them and they should be there. I don't know how to fix it.

Uriah Robinson a dit…

I thought I had done badly with only 48%.

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