A pinch of Berkeley

There aren't many photographs of Anthony Berkeley Cox, a.k.a Anthony Berkeley and Francis Iles. I know of only two, one of which - as it happens, the most often reprinted one - makes him look like Adolf Hitler. I am glad to report that I have found a third in Jacques Baudou's and Jean-Jacques Schléret's Le Guide Totem du Polar (Larousse, 2001) It was apparently taken in France in the late 40s or early 50s and shows Berkeley in the company of noted French crime writer Maurice-Bernard Endrèbe and writer/editor Germaine Beaumont. I don't know on which occasion it was taken but the presence of books on the table suggests some kind of book event. 

Endrèbe was a big fan of Berkeley, having translated two of his books (Not to be Taken as Sans Remords and The Vane Mystery as Une femme qui tombe) and repeatedly championed him in his columns and critical work. 

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