A Little Game

Who said this?

"I have been more interested as the years go by in the preliminaries of crime. The interplay of character upon character, the deep smouldering resentments and dissatisfactions that do not always come to the surface but which may suddenly explode into violence."

One clue: S/He was British. 

The first person to come up with the right answer will win... my sincerest admiration.

3 commentaires:

Martin Edwards a dit…

Might it be Christie in Towards Zero mood?

Anonyme a dit…

Peut-être Agatha Christie

Xavier a dit…

Christie it is!

Honestly I thought it would be harder - and I expected the names of Ruth Rendell, Julian Symons or P.D. James to pop up as they COULD very well have said something like that!

I lifted the quote from John Curran's edition of her secret notebooks; it was taken from an article she wrote in 1945 for the Ministry of Information.

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