NOT The End

Intended as an April's Fool Day joke, my post on my conversion to noir proved to be quite effective. Too much effective, perhaps, as I still get comments and mails from readers thinking this change of heart is for real. As the French saying goes, the best jokes are the shortest and so I think it's time for some clarification. 

I'm not quitting, nor do I plan to in the near or distant future.

I'm still a (mostly) traditional-minded mystery fan. The edgier stuff I read is Thomas H. Cook. 

This blog will continue (at its famously irregular pace, so don't let any prolonged silence worry you) 

There will be no changes made to the editorial line. You can still expect articles on long-forgotten writers or the role of fingerprints in late-20s British crime fiction (good idea).

In brief, stay reassured that At the Villa Rose is still At the Villa Rose. 

And now back to (fictional) crime. 

2 commentaires:

Dorte H a dit…

Haha. I was surprised, but I confess: I was fooled :)

Probably because I saw it so long after April 1st.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) a dit…

It's just that it's been such a long time since 1 April Xavier that we were starting to think that it was all a double bluff in the style of Ellery Queen ...

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