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Patrick Ohl's excellent "At the Scene of the Crime" has a two-part interview of French mystery writer Paul Halter, brilliantly translated from Molière's language by Ohl himself; resources on the modern master of the locked-room mystery are scarce online, be it in French or any other language, so the initiative is to be commended. The interview is well worth reading, whatever your familiarity with the author and his work. (I take exception however to his and interviewer Roland Lacourbe's  assessment of Carr's characterization skills and I think he's unfair to Queen and Steeman.) 

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Patrick a dit…

Xavier, thank you very much for your kinds words. It was plenty of fun, I can assure you!

I have some reservations as well, in particular with Ellery Queen. I've yet to read S. A. Steeman but I've found two of his books, placed some omnibuses on Interlibrary Loan, and am eagerly scouring PriceMinister trying to stop myself from clicking the "purchase now" button... Your laudatory article on Steeman is truly excellent and intriguing-- I'm so happy I can discover the French-language mystery landscape for myself. :) Because, of course, the only author you ever hear about in critical studies is Simenon!

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