Here's To The Ladies

Matthieu Esbrat, an old friend of mine sharing my passion for mysteries, has just created a nice Youtube video celebrating "Queens of Crime" past and present; he asked me for a link and I'm more than happy to oblige:

Matthieu's tastes being more catholic than mine, there are a lot of contemporary writers including some Scandinavians and one French. Some are easily recognized, some others much less so. A virtual glass of beer is offered to the first person to correctly identify all of them!

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J F Norris a dit…

I sent you an emial with most of them identified, but I didn't hear back. I'm still curious about those between Patricia Cornwell and Megan Abbot and the end. I'm fairly certain one of those is Scandanavian - there's a young woman in there who could be Lisabeth Salander's twin. And are Georgette Heyer or Elizabeth Daly in there anywhere? I didn't see them in their usual guises, but younger photos of them may be out there soemwhere.

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